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Survival 15 Min Rare Core Reward Bug ?


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Pistol Gambit was probably the worst offender.


In any case, this seems like a repeat of the Rank 0 Fusion Cores bug that was present a while back (like around Update 8 iirc), when Endless Defense would give out Rank 0 Cores like you just mentioned. If you do get these bugged cores, submit a ticket to DE's support, and then wait. They've probably got a fairly high ticket volume right now.

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Atleast you get a Reward... we run Palus all the Time to maybe get Hands on a T3 Survival Key.


Now 3rd Time we finished after 15 mins. without any Reward, no Key, no Mod, no anything...


DE, so many Bugs since U10 it getting more and more absurd... WHAT IS GOING ON

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