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Revenant and His Buggy Kit


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He has lots of issues currently ;

Enthrall - Thralls created by Pillars do not leave Pillars on death. These Pillars also create invincible allies ( can only be killed after casting Enthrall on them ). Pillars get destroyed with weapons / melee attacks.

Mesmer Skin -  Enemies under Arbitration Drone protection / link sometimes kill Revenant while he has Mesmer Skin charges.

Reave - Dashing thru allies do not grant them Mesmer Charges ( can be successful after many attempts ). 'Blinding Reave' :  Only frontal finishers count towards riven challenges. It also blinds thralls.

Danse Macabre - Rev gets stuck in ult while moving thru ledges until he runs out of energy. ( and he teleports back to said ledge at end of ult and climbs on it ). Also DM can be manually rotated with WASD keys after dashing with Reave ( this one is kinda fun but its a bug anyways ).

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