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New Mission Mode: Raze


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The name is a bit of a double entendre:  raze  and race.


The idea is a game mode where you have a set time limit to destroy or complete as many mission objectives (e.g. blow up mining machines, steal data, capture enemies, etc.) as you can within the time limit.


Only one objective is active at any time.


Mission rewards are scaled to how many objectives you complete.


Every time you complete an objective, the enemies get tougher.


Could add bonus difficulty objectives that are set in secret rooms or rooms that require advanced parkour skills to get into.


Each Raze mission location would have a scrolling leaderboard underneath it with the names of the squad that scored the most points.  Alternatively, the squad leaderboard for the particular location could be displayed on the mission loading screen.

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but why only one objective at a time?


separating some, occasionally, would allow team to split up for addl rewards or challenge


"Ok Tenno, next up there are Two targets. You can destroy them both to inflict additional damage to the enemies infrastructure, or you can play it safe and take only one out. Once you demolish one, the other will go offline for security within 15 seconds"

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