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Fluffy Wukong concept & My own Warframe (Morph) idea


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Here is the Fluffy Wukong I mentioned to devs in a stream. 


©® plz don't steal. Give credit where its due.

Morph... A warframe so to say... Of a time before our Tennos could even speak. Crying in a forgotten lab. It followed the sounds from Octavia as she passed one day. Finding its way.


Dance of Death: Swirling, covering the area around. Releasing a illusion causing gas from the mouth. Morph watches in enjoyment as foes fall into a whimsical state. Able to see what they see as they swirl and prance in awh around Morph, turn against each other or run in fear from creatures.


Fed up: Morph grows bored. Sobs inhaling air, beginning to float as it's shape inflates. Blowing away surrounding mobs of foes as it swirls through.


In the Clouds: Morph inhales. Reaching a sphere shape as it begins to fly. Able to reach high places with ease. Sucking in drops. Wukong is its favorite to fly around with.


Huff & Puffer: Throwing a temper tantrum. Morph inhales mass amounts. Growing into a large sphere. It's belly spikes perk out. Causing small quakes as it bounces around. Smashing, ramming and leaving no foe standing.



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