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Please implement aliens in warframe


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Hi, the title is meant to be a little clickbaity.

But what do you guys think? For the six years that I've been playing this game, I've always fantasized about another faction apart from corpus and grineer joining the current solar system struggle.


Another race, more evolved and having already developed ftl speed, coming from another star system, in search for life finds the solar system, meeting the tenno and perhaps making an alliance, or presenting themselves as a menace that unites all, perhaps even the sentient.

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I mean... the Sentients?

Sure, they're originally from the Origin system, so they're not true aliens, but in terms of a new faction rolling up someday with their own FTL, they suit that description. Plus they've had a different starting evolutionary starting point and a lot of time evolving on their own to be completely different to anything human.

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