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Zeleato (warframe idea)


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Quest: N/A



From the old, the universe is filled with tatics and stragiest even in the game of chess a pawn is always the sacrafice to meet the demands as the commander who send to destory up front, even the commander have to take place on the battlefield but one thing you can do is rely more then just allies for it is your wits you trust within.

Warframe Stats:

HP: 120/220/310

Shield: 95/180/280

Armor: 250

Energy: 125/220 (rank 30)

Speed: 0.95

Aura Polarities: 20?cb=20150301001231

Polarities: 20?cb=2015030100123120?cb=2015030100123020?cb=20150301001230


Warframe abilities:

  • Passive abilities: United We Stand

- When nearby allies, pets/companion and self gets additional bonus extra shield for blue energy/extra health for red energy/extra armor green energy only for 10% (dual energy can apply)

  • 1st abilities: Varangian

- Summon 1/2/3/4 Varangian (guard man) has a striking sword

- Energy cost 35 each cast

- These Varangian are here to stay until they are dead

- They will not leave you unlike other specters melee they will stand by your side about 5m-15m (not good how fair is that is but just wanted to make sure they don't leave your side unless you told them to stay put here like a dog)

- Buff if following the owner gains extra 3%/6%/9% attack dmg self and owner

- press #1 once for pin point guard, press it again same spot they go back follow (its the idea pressing the pointer button on the game), holding the button it summon Varangian (summoning Varangian takes 2.5 seconds)

- Varangian stats:

+ HP: 80/180/280

+ Armor: 90/185/275

+ Attack: 155/280/345

* slash: 100

* pierce: 30

* impact: 15

+ Speed: 1.00

+ Block: 60%

+ Attack Speed: 0.8

= what mods help:

* Strength Mods increase dmg, Duration Mods increase hp and armor, speed casting will help fast cast summoning


  • 2nd abilities: Elliptical

- Summon spawn in the shield man to block an area

- summoned will be only 5m-10m

- shield men only can do bash or push back only (or able to kill them by shield bashing enemies to death)

- pressing #2 button you can set them to sit by this location (for it will automatically look at the enemy), holding #2 button summon them (takes 2.5 seconds to summon), pressing #2 button on an ally will have shield men surround and protecting the player as the shield men absorbed surrounding dmg and taunting enemies.  Pressing #2 twice in the same spot command to follow you again

- Once you selected shield men to protect an ally the ally gets an additional overshield and health link protection sort of like nekcro's "Shield of Shadow" likeness mod, if there is no ally to target and following owner, they gain additonal buff with the protection.

- You can use shield men block areas of the enemies (sort of like Atlas's wall stone) noted when firing behind shield men your bullet can go through shield men behind

- 3 shield men only can spawn

- also here to stay until death apart them

- Energy cost: 50

- Elliptical stats:

+ HP: 250/350/450

+ Armor: 200/300/400

+ Speed: 0.78

+ Block: 80%

+ Attack Dmg: 10/30/85

* Slash: 0

* pierce: 0

* Impact: 10

+ Attack Speed: 0.8

= What mods that help:

* Duration Mods to increase health and armor, speed cast mod help fast the summoning, strength to increase the dmg


  • 3rd Abilities: Edgar

- Summon a spearman who can throw a spear and do melee when close up in combat

- only 2 can be summon

- until will stay in the battfield until they die

- energy requied 75

- Pressing #3 hold them in position, holding #3 summon spearmen, Pressing #3 on target ally will go defend player giving a buff or range for their guns which increase the range of falloff by 10%/15%/20%, Pressing #3 targeting on an enemy for the spearmen will focus attacking that enemy

- Edgar Stats:

+ HP: 50/100/150

+ Armor: 40/80/160

+ Speed: 0.9

+ Block: 60%

+ Attack Speed: 0.85

+ Attack Dmg: 100/200/300

* Slash: 25

* Pierce: 75

* Impact: 0

+ Fire Rate: 1.00


  •  4th Abilities: Equites

- Summon forth Equites the knight, weapon uses: sword & shield or mace & shield (Yes I know it means roman chivery riding on a horse but you prefer saying kn- igh-et)

- pressing #4 stay guard/ protect ally or rescue ally (he can do both if a player is down Equites will come pick them up, if owner is near by down player Equites can turn assist player if the owner is with in 15m close to him if Equites is in following mode), holding #4 summon him/unsummon him (future changes)

- there is chance 10%/15%/28% do slam attack cause AoE knock down towards enemies

- Buffing any summon units by owner who had summon # of unit before gains 5% attack, armor, and speed, buff does not applies owner and allies or either other player's summon for shall not stack

- Energy requied is 100 (might change in the future for it consume energy while in the field)

- Equites Stats:

+ Hp: 200/400/600

+ Armor: 200/400/600

+ Speed: 0.75

+ Blocking: 80%

+ Attack Speed: 0.85

+ Attack Dmg: 250/385/525

* Slash: 50

* Pierce:50

* Impact:150

- What mods help

*  Strength mods increase the dmg, durabilites increase hp.


We don't have much summoner or type of frame that used but it seems we are having speed frame spread bit too many and it seems to be we do need spread other type frames like ember to increase different fire type, or frost a better other type of frame that may spray better. At the time being I have no drawing support this, but I hope we will also get more summoning frame and other type frames that maybe to be unique to different things.




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I think the way the abilies work encorage too much of a cast and forget approach. I would rework the concept somewhere allong this line. I also gave it a chess theme.

1 Summon 4 pawns. Pretty much the same as your Varangians.

2 Chose a target location and direction. The closest pawn is pronoted to room and receives a frontal shield and one automatic gun. For 10 second this room will fire uninterrupted at the chosen direction. Recasting this skill will drag the room towards the king placing the king behind the shield.

3 choose a target location and direction. The closest pawn is promoted to a knight. This knight charges in the target direction fearing enemies around him.

4. Sumons the queen.

The queen has the following perks.

Whenever you cast your 2 the queen also receives the shield and fires her automatic gun at her chosen direction. 

Whenever you cast your 3 the queen receives a moviment speed buff and fears enemies around her.

Whenever you cast your 4 the queen attacks the closest enemy to your targeting reticle. The also receives bonus damge and life steal against that enemy.




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