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New syndicate UI not allowing re-ranking after being demoted.


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I accidentally went negative on Red Veil, one of my secondary syndicates after ranking up and getting the reward for Revered, the rank requiring 70K standing.  I was at zero after achieving Revered, and basically as soon as I went negative my standing was refunded so I had slightly less than 70K again and was demoted to Esteemed.  I did a mission with my Steel Meridian sigil on and that brought me back up to 70K with Red Veil, but no matter what I do now I cannot re-attain my Revered rank in spite of the UI saying "You've proven yourself already. No further sacrifice is needed to earn the title of REVERED".  The rank up button does nothing to get me up from Esteemed rank to Revered.  I also am not awarded any standing  beyond the 70K, so I can't just work around the issue by ranking up at 99K.  I appear to be stuck with NO WAY to progress Red Veil.  My offerings at Revered are also locked again too.

I was stuck as of 3 hours ago, but now I'm not.  Apparently, even though it says no further sacrifice is needed to earn the title of REVERED, it seems that I needed to pay the credits portion of the sacrifice a second time to negate having been demoted (not sure since I wasn't watching my credits when I got demoted).  I don't know if this is a bug or not, given I have seen no mention of this specific detail elsewhere and the UI does say I don't have enough credits while also saying "No further sacrifice..." at the same time.

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Issue fixed but still wondering if there is a bug.
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