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Lighting in some areas too dark for me in Jupiter indoor locations.


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If i turn on Adaptive Exposure, it will make Jupiter beautiful to look at but then make other planets too bright and washed out. I have used the same settings for a long time for lighting and love them. My current work around is managing my lighting settings base don if i am going to Jupiter or not 😞

Below is example images and my preferred settings. I would really prefer to just keep them the way they are but maybe it's something i can fix temperately making a tweak? Anything that makes me not have to manage lighting all the time but also not make non jupiter tilesets too bright. Hopefully  I am not the only one experiencing this.


Here are the lighting settings I prefer and have used for as long as i can remember. 



Here is what it looks like. a little dark but nothing i cant make out



However, on Jupiter. its this.



Again, If i turn on Adaptive Exposure on Jupiter it's beautiful and love it. Unfortunately, every other planet then becomes washed out with too much light and annoying.


Thank you 

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