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Return to Fortuna - Can't proceed due to "lift disabled"


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I am currently running the fortuna quest. I completed the part where i head to the prison block and hack into the terminal and wait for the hack meter to reach 100% progress. After completion i get a new way-point which leads me back to fortuna.

The problem is that once i get to the exit/entrance i can't do anything. I've amassed quite a lot of loot and mods which i don't want to loose due to exploring for what feels like an eternity trying to figure out how to end this mission.

Upon googling this seems to be a re-occurring issue but i cannot find a thread here in the forums about it strangely enough.

Any tips on how to solve this?

Also... Wtf is that blue icon? It leads to nothing and dissapears once i get within about 5m of it. There is another one around the corner of the central maintenance area.

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Searching for the terms "lift disabled" or "return to fortuna" gives 0 results when using the forums search tool.

Using google gives quite a few to the forum though. Basically all of them seem to be closed and archived with few to no replies at all.
Some examples:


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The reason is because you had to pick up the datamass and bring it to the gate... I was just stupid at the time and didn't realize this. All you have to do pick up that thing that the dude drops and then it'll work. I just only cared about rushing through it all and didn't realize it at first.

The blue icon is most likely the thing you need to pick up.

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1: That blue icon isn't listed anywhere on any guide that lists all the ingame icons and their meanings. So it's just weird. Secondly that blue icon appears above those specific crates in all the "towns" in the fortuna plains map. So if you go to the dig, it will appear there.

2: If you go to the next populated area, it will also appear there and always above the same crate type and always dissapearing once you come within 5m of it only to re-appear once you back off a bit. And no, never any item to pick up anywhere near it.

3: i backtracked to where the hacking took place and scoured the area. No items to pick up anywhere to be seen.

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I might've been doing a different mission than you then.

I was doing Profit Taker Phase 2, I don't know what you're doing though. But either way, that's how I fixed my issue... Lemme know what mission you're doing and I can see if I can figure it out.

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