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Operation: Hostile Mergers - mission score bug


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Me and my friends did a full squad run on the event to reach the 4k score and obtain the glaxion vandal. Throughout the run i had no problems other than a bit of a laggy connection, but at one point my mission score got stuck at 2518. I thought it was just my ping and ignored it but nearing the end my friends told me they've already hit a mission score of 4226 and it was time to extract. When we extracted my points unfortunately was still the same. And I did not get the weapon. I hope there's compensation and the bug gets fixed soon.


My score after the mission



My friend's score after the mission



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I had the same problem. Also what i first noticed was that the Disruption|Round: 1 was not updating for me anymore. 

I tried to die and respawn and jump into the void as an operator but alas.


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I didn't even get a score after my run. I ran to 13,125 and once my team extracted I had no score in my mission complete screen and my personal leaderboards had no information.


PS. My team got the full13k

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