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Nekros Observations (Bugs + Feedback)


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Graphical bugs

Nekros suffers from the same issues as a lot of frames when it comes to using dark colors, resulting in white 'artifacting' around the edges of a colorable areas borders.  While not nearly as bad as many other frames, it is noticeably bad around his energy color areas.

Nekros standard helmet has lots of white lines and designs along the back of the 'hood'.  Now, this doesn't look like artifacts or discolorations, however it does look very out of place matching up to his dark grey neck and spine, which have no white designs whatsoever.  There is a bit of model 'tearing' on the tendrils that come down from his hood to his chest (on either side, right next to his chin, is the biggest problem area).

The Raknis helmet suffers from some areas being effected by 2 different color switches.  The tendrils that leave the back of his helmet and lead into his shoulder blades, as well as the forehead 'plate' are effected by both colors 2 and 4.  4 on the body only effects the lines going down his shoulder / forearm, and his shins.  Because of this, this makes the helmets color not match the rest of the body (very noticeable if you use black for 2, and something like blue, red, or green for 4, resulting in a dark version of 4 for the helmets color).  The Raknis also suffers from a fair bit of artifacting, and along the lines of Excaliburs Pendragon helmet, has an excessive amount of grey space that can not be dyed, thus making some color schemes look poorly on him.


Ability Feedback

Soul Punch - Is fantastic, thank you!

Terrify - As many have pointed out, it is not applying the damage debuff.  Also, the skills cost is rather high for a second ability.  My personal recommended change would be to make the skill a Totem, as it was originally said to be, having it pulse 'fear' to enemies within it's vicinity, with a slowly diminishing return (eventually granting resistance to fear), while applying the damage resistance debuff to all effected enemies.


Desecrate - I'm on the fence about this one.  I feel that it could be a great skill, given some work, but I also would have loved to see Life Leech.

Shadows of the Dead - I love this skill a lot, but I feel it's execution should be worked on a bit.  The fact that you have to get the kill on all enemies in order to use it makes his ult weak.  He requires a lot of prep time in order to even be able to even perform his ult.  On one hand, this allows you a very powerful army.  In high wave defense missions, you can kill off only 'elite' units, so that you can summon a powerful army.  On the other hand, Sentinel kills, and ally kills greatly hinder your abilitiy to summon your army in a pinch.

My suggestion for fixing Shadows of the Dead, would be to make it so all ally kills count towards Nekros 'soul count' (allied players and their sentinels), but to counter the fact that you will now more often be summoning hordes of standard (and by way, weaker) enemies, each rank of Shadows of the dead should provide a % increase in health, armor, and damage done by those units (possibly not affecting any elite units summoned).

We also need some AI tweaks for out shadows.  They often stand and shoot at walls, or just stand around when there are no enemies available.  It would be nice to have them follow you if there's nothing to shoot.



I'd love to see the artifacting from coloring zones decreased/removed, as well as the white of the back of his normal helmet.  I feel it should be all dark grey to better match his neck/spine/back grey.

The Raknis helmet needs to also have artifacting adjusted (and hopefully some of the unused grey space), as well has removing how Color switch 4 affects the helmet.

Artifacting around his energy spots needs to be fixed, and I feel that his energy zones (especially his 'eyes') should be increased, if only a little, to make his glows more prominent, and him more sinister.  The loading screen with he, Ash, Mag Prime, and Nyx show him as having large glowing 'eyes'.


I also have a request for the Syandana - Make 3 versions of it.  A just the helmet, B Just the shoulders, and C head and shoulders (what we currently have).


All in all, I'd like to say that I love Nekros, he is a lot of fun to play!  A little bit of work and polish and I'm sure he'll be on level with Vauban and Nova in terms of gameplay.  :)

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