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Since U10, Slide Jumping Has Become Near Impossible.


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I know it's not user error here since I performed that move from the start before any tall stairs.  Since U10, my frame fails to perform the manuever 19/20 times.


Also, unknown if this is related, but it is also near impossible for me to run up a wall like I've done thousands of times previously with no difficulty (assuming no other player was trying to do the same on the same wall section at the time).

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might be an issue of lag. have you had any problems with performance since the update?

Actually, I don't think it's lag related, plus, I think I may have discovered at least part of the cause.  It seems if you are holding your run key down and go from running backward to running forward towards the direction you want to slide jump or wall run, the run command turns itself off, despite the run key still being held.


I'm wondering if this is a bug caused by DE making us stop running if we fire our primary weapon.

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