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Tabbing out


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I wasn't sure where to put this under, but I wanted to give fair warning in case it happens to anyone else.
I was alt tabbing in a mission to respond to some one I was talking to on Discord (Yes I know the overlay is compatible but it also bothers me and didn't work in the past) during a void survival mission. It was about 36 minutes in, so enemies were starting to ramp up damage, etc, Eximus units were more common, and Corpus Techs spawn frequently etc.
Well after about the 20th or so tab back in, the game screen froze and the sound stopped, attempting to tab back out and back in caused it to display the error message "Not Enough Memory" and close itself. Never had that happen before, and I've had my computer run multiple games at once (because I'm a Warframe addict and didn't want to close Warframe while other people wanted my attention <.<;  )

Anyway, Luckily, even though it kicked me out of the mission, obviously, Ordis received an in-game message that delivered my prime parts to me that I'd unlocked. (especially nice since I got a rare and 2 uncommons, off uncharged relics) 
I'm unsure if its my PC or Warframe that has a hiccup here, but in case it happens to anyone else, be wary.

On the same topic, Orb Vallis REALLY hates it when you tab out. I frequently have to actually task kill warframe and restart just to get back into the game in a timely manner, as leaving the vallis after being there triples my load time. Worse if I tabbed at any point.

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