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Best trinity build?



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Obligatory "the one that's most fun for you" response 😛

But seriously, what do you want her to do?

Just give Energy and full-heals, look up high-Range no-Duration EV builds.

Tank / Blessing focus, go high-Duration at the cost of Range.

Balanced all-round build that maybe even uses Abating Link ... urgh, good luck with that,
it's been a nightmare for me to try and make that work (buff her dang ability base durations already, or something, grah).

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Il y a 4 heures, (XB1)Aress a dit :

What’s the best trin build to use right now??

This entirely depends on mission type, squad role, enemy type and level range. There are at the very least five variants for Trinity builds each with its own specialisation (pure Blessing support, solo tank, team tank, EV support, hybrid support) which you swap around based on necessity. 

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Most low duration trin users don't know how to use trinity. 

Killing an ev target immediately grants all energy. The only time you would benefit from no duration is when the energy youre zapping is greater than the damage you can reliably do. Since, the ev dmg bypasses shield and i think armor? going straight to health. 

Basically, any other player just builds with some duration and range and enough str to hit blessings dmg reduction cap. 

While yeah trin can instantly heal durations is good for well of life and link and said dmg reduction post instaheal. 

I think trin and nekros are the only two frames where i use more than two augments at a time. 

I gave up asking to be able to hardwire augments into a warframe to free up slots [even behind major investment costs] .. 

Maybe one day theyll wise up and add that. 

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