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Thank You De And I Am Sorry


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I almost have no voice here, but I want to tell to all DEs, the U10 was good, me and a couple of friends loved it.

The only thing that was not right was the "new" stamina system, after you correct it the game came back to my

love list. The fight with the new golem os awsome, I did made arround 6 or 8 runs to get all the nekros part's , and I will back to fight him again, just because is a god fight, the drop tables sometimes feels broke, sometimes not, got nyx after 5 runs, and ash after almost 50 .I know how hard is to maintain a game that grows almost out of control, I imagine you guys being exausted after days and nights of work, reviewing codes, creating, chaging.

And say sorry in name the comunity, for those who only rage about something.

Please just do not stop your policy of fast response in terms of fixes,

DE Scott said that on the stream and it's true.

The game will change, and I still want to purchase a founders pack.

For a long time a game does'nt make feel like I feel playing Warframe.

All I say is Thank you and I am sorry.


Sorry about the english.

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I went to master back in Update 8. I still think it was a great decision. Fact is, knee-jerk reactions do nothing in terms of assisting to craft a truly great game.

Sure, you can whine to your hearts content, but you still won't get that shiny new toy you want.

Hell, I am happy with the fact that on the livestream they admitted they did make mistakes, but they didn't say they wish they hadn't done them as Sheldon said "Playing a new character made me realise how things are now".

DE is a good developer, I'm happy to support them and they continue to grow, as does the game. It's nice to see other people with the same opinion.

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Thanks for playing and sticking with us!

We will be with you for years to come! Till the day I grow too old to play. *tear*

Till then, let's bite that Lephantis head off! Rawr!


The new boss fight is freaking awesome.

IKR! My friends are drooling over it. :D



Thanks for all the hardwork DE! Despite all the rage from players lately and all the "I quit this game" rants, the majority of us love and enjoy warframe. Keep it up! :D


Also, don't touch my desecrate. Well... you can buff it. It needs a buff.

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