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Improvement to the mods system


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A problem many people will have:

"Not gonna max out this 8/10 mod because so many weapons use it and would need to forma each of them"

So they either need to max out a duplicate of the mod, or forma all of their loadouts that use the mod.

My solution:

Allow players to use a mod at any rank at or below the mod's rank in a loadout.

For example, I have a maxed primed flow mod, but my warframe only has 5 mod capacity left, let me choose to "power down" the mod to rank 5 (for this warframe's loadout only).
In a completely different frame's loadout, I might choose to use the mod at full power.


This would be a good incentive to max out all the mods that I use.

Let me know what you think of this idea.

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