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No more blindness finishers unless from behind?


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My Inaros and my Excalibur can no longer perform blindness finishers unless they run around  a blind enemy and then execute.  This started later this week.  I have searched and cannot find any mention of this.  I did see there was a bug that was fixed with blind enemies not doing anything at all, even after it wore off, though I have not seen this happen in six months for me.

The whole cursed sand and syndicate augment card is very hampered by this bug now.

Please help.


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6 hours ago, swiftasacoursing said:

Wisp’s blind isn’t intended to open enemies to finishers. It’s like mirage’s sleight of hand. They get the finisher multiplier but no animation

Maybe "blindness" should be separated from other similar effects because it is visually confusing, specially for new players unless they read the wiki, and again, not communicating that in the game itself is a design failure.

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