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Rescue Rewards are Backwards: Specter Blueprints

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Rescue missions reward Specter Blueprints

and based on your performance, stealth, alarms etc

you can get different tiers of Specter, from Vapor to Cosmic

as it is, from poor performance to best:

Vapor BP (builds 10 specters per use)

Phase BP (builds 5 specters per use)

Force BP (builds 3 specters per use)

Cosmic BP (builds 1 specter per use)

and there's the problem...

the 'best' specter reward, only gives you a single Specter

while the 'worse' reward, gives you 10 Specters


would it not make More Sense, to reverse that?

whereby the best performance in a Rescue granted you the Most Specters? not the Least?


Supposedly a Cosmic Specter has better stats than a Vapor?

but considering that we use Specters for Crowd Control and to Draw Aggro; their actual stats are largely irrelevant

the benefit of Foundry Crafting 10x in 8hours vs 1x in 8hours is much more valuable


Suggested fix:

Reverse the build quantities for Specter Tiers

make Cosmic build 10x

Force 5x

Phase 3x

Vapor 1x


...Or I can just keep Intentionally setting off alarms in Rescue to Farm Vapor Specters... that can't be how DE expected us to play Rescue, right?



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14 minutes ago, Rawbeard said:

how is it backwards to get less of a better thing?

It's backwards because arguably the Cosmic Specter is not better than 10 Vapor Specters.  The Cosmic is better, but not 10x better.  If all you want is some quick distraction then a single reward of Vapor Blueprint gives you 10 uses compared to Cosmic Blueprint's 1 use.  The single Cosmic Specter also costs 60k credits to build compared to 15k credits for the 10 Vapor Specters.

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8 hours ago, Rawbeard said:

but the cosmic specter IS better than a vapor specter. it really doesn't matter that in praxis you will not notice, making vapors more desireable overall.

Well actually

It *does matter*

because the rewards are there to encourage us the perform better in the Mission

and if as you admit, the Vapor is more Desirable; then that breaks the reward system.

There's no longer a compelling reason to take on the challenge.


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It starts to make some sense if you consider crafting several specters at the same time.

If you farm them efficiently you can build 19 specters at once and have 4 different loadouts.

If you are relatively new and can't complete rescue missions well you only get 10-15 specters at once with 2 different loadouts.

So it gives new players a bit more than half the amout and a quarter of the options.

I think that's not too bad.

I'd prefer if rescue missions of higher tiers gave you multiple specter blueprints tho.

So if you do a nightmare rescue and kill all wardens you get a cosmic, a force, a phace and a vapor specter blueprint

while a low lvl rescue only gives a vapor or only gives one vapor and one phase specter blueprint (depending on what u do)

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