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Aquana, A Fluid Support


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Hi, dear Warframe Community,


I heard that DE is still looking for new Warframe suggestions. So I thought "Why not?"

Now, to explain, why I chose another support Warframe (as you see in the title) :

I think Trinity alone isn't enough. Of course, Warframe with healing abilitys are rare, but it shouldn't be unique.


My idea for the new Frame would be Aquana, a female Support Warframe.

As you may hear from her name, she is a water Type Warframe. Water is often used to "wash away" your wounds, and as that, she is perfect for her support role.

She shouldn't be too large (maybe a bit taller as Mag) and should have some curves (not PLOT, if you know what I mean).

She should remind a bit of waves, I think. Sorry, but my drawings are the worst, so you have to rely on your imagination.


Her Stats should be like:


Health: 75 (225 at max. level)

Power: 150 (225 at max. level)

Armor: 10.0

Shield: 100 (300 at max. level)

Shield Recharge: 22.5 (sounds about nothing too good, but not too bad)

Sprint: 1.1

Polarities: 4x = (Power)

                 1x D (Defensive)

                 1x - (Tactic)

Aura Polarity: - (Tactic)


Now, for the most interesting part, I guess: The Skills!



Number 1: Water Orb - Cost 25 Energy

The first Skill should be something cheap, but useful. She throws a water orb at an enemy or a friend. If it is shot at a friend, he gains 75/100/125/150 Health restored. If it hits an enemy, he takes 100/150/210/280 damage, that penetrates his shield and armour (True DMG). Also, it knocks down the target. Those numbers are affected by  Power  Strength.


Number 2: Waving Armour - Cost 35 Energy

Now this is one interesting skill. Aquana can cast a kind of armor on herself (if no target locked) or on one on her teammates.The armour gives it's Host 7%/10%/13%/16% damage reduction. I think 16% is a fair amount. Also, they get 3%/6%/9%/12% damage buff, as I think water can be used destructivly. It's duration should be 15/20/25/30 seconds and is affected by  Power  Duration. NOT by  Power  Strength The armour It helps Players survive when they get sustained damage, and even doing more damage to mobs. Perfect for boss fights.


Number 3: Tsunami - Cost 75 Energy

Aquana shoots a wave in the direction she looks. The wave is as big as she is. (You can imagine it somewhat like Ice Wave from Frost)

The Tsunami is 1/2/3/4 metres wide and it wanders in the direction it is faced. This is affected by  Power  Range. 

The wave deals 175/250/325/400 damage and pulls enemies along. This damage is affected by armor and also affected by  Power  Strength.  

Tsunami is made to clear the battlefield, buy you time, or just bring distance between you and the enemy.

Allies that are hit by the wave aren't pushed back, but gain the same aount of heal, they get from a water Orb. (AoE Heal)


Number 4: Whirlpool - Cost 100 Energy

Aquana creates a huge whirlpool, takes pulls enemies to the center (to you). Aquana has about 2 seconds cast time. The whirlpool itself is about 20 metres wide.   NOT   affected by  Power  Range. During the cast  time, she is invincible. The whirlpool lasts  5/6/7/8 seconds. It is affected by Power Duration. Enemies in the whirlpool get 70/85/90/105 damage, that penetrate their shield and armor (True DMG). This is affected by  Power  Strength.  All the enemies are knocked down for the powers duration/stunned (didn't decide yet) and for 15 seconds after they're hit (it refreshes everytime they're hit), they get 12% more damage. They're both NOT affected by    Power      Duration   and  Power  Strength. Friendly units (Tennos/Clones/Mindcrontrolled/Sentinels/etc.) are healed for 50/60/70/80 Health Points per second they're in the whirlpool. This is affected by  Power  Strength. Also, they get 12% reduced damage for the next 15 seconds after a heal (the buff refreshes with each heal they get from whirlpool). They're both    NOT    affected by   Power    Strength  and Power    Duration.



My idea behind the skills is, that you can play active in a team. You can heal them, shield them, buff them, help out in dangerous times, ect. And you're still able to play offensive (even if Aquana is not intended to do so). You got the heal, the DMG (at least a bit and True DMG), Crowd Control. Of course, she may be a bit OP, but I bet DE can nerf her down if needed to. Also, I don't know if these numbers are even somewhat normal for Warframe early ---> late game.


If you really had the patience to read through this, I thank you very much. Also, you're qualified to send feedback, suggestions on how to improve her or just your thoughts on a water-based support Frame.


I thank you very much again.



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