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Mutalist Alad V Fell Into Hole During Sortie, Unable to Complete


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A quick search has shown a similar issue has been happening for a few years. The threads I saw were all archived, so I decided to make a new one. Apologies if I missed one that's still open.

During today's (2019-06-02) Mutalist Alad V Assassination sortie mission, I had Mutalist Alad V walk into a pit in the boss room. He remained there despite my best efforts to lure him out or otherwise damage him. Of the equipment I had with me, only Exodia Contagion could reach him via splash damage. I didn't think to use the in-game feature (F6), but I have included a screenshot anyway. It's one of the same openings that, should a player fall into, results in being teleported out. From what I could tell, he was still going through his motions (becoming briefly vulnerable), but would not otherwise move from that spot.

Thank you for your time.


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I had a similar issue, but in my case it wasn't hat he walked into the pit. He was mid animation with his collar, which extended his arm over the pit, right as the piston came down. This pushed him into the floor, causing him to be stuck under the terrain. While at first he was still head above the ground, he later on was pushed even further until he went below the reach of any abilities/attacks. While you can't see him directly in the screenshot, you can see him in the minimap.


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