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Warframe "v" Polarity Mods


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 Has anyone else noticed there are only 2 mods for a "V" slot polarity in your Warframe...? Is this going to change or are more "V" polarities going to be added in game at some point?


  Like the only Warframes that use "V" slots are squishy frames who want more damage on an ability cast or for an ability to last longer or can some small nudge to be a little better, and I feel like Focus and Continuity can be replaced for much better mod options that help more in the end on many other frames including Nekros (who doesn't need a "V" polarity slot but a "-" polarity slot).


  Focus and Continuity are a bit played out atm and until they make mods that have both Power Strength and an additional benefit (like Sprint increase) and can be double stacked for a little more mmmffff, I find them overall pointless in many scenarios and would much rather have a mod that would push my Warframe over the edge for survivability and wear-and-tear.


 So does anyone know if the "V" polarity Warframe mods are going to be getting a few additions for customization anytime soon? I think they're called Attack Polarity Mods, even though there are only 2 of them and 2 more Attack Polarity Aura Mods, not much to go on.

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True, 3 - never seen one drop yet - but then I don't have access to easily to get T3 content, yet - but I really shouldn't have to.  I can play several frames without being punished by my polarity slots for unavailable (relatively) mods, however a few specific frames are really punished by the attack polarity slot.  Sure I can forma them, but I still have a GREAT deal of trouble finding formas. IMHO, Forma should be for customization of a warframe - not a semi-required component to use the "class."


I, personally, would appreciate some common or uncommon attack polarity mods.  They don't have to be as nice as the rare mods that exist, but being able to use the slots on our warframes without punishment would be appreciated.  :)

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Yes, I raised this a few months ago. Since then only Rage and Provoked (U10) have been added.

I can only conclude it is deliberate for now, having been this way for so long.

It does not really effect us long term players, so these posts don't go far. I do feel for the new player who has a two V frame though and can't get any of the rare cards to fill the slots.

They really need to add a few common V cards for new players.

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