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What is your (in game) Nightmare scenario for WARFRAME?

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17 hours ago, (PS4)Dishinshoryuken said:

Mine would be that some Orokin wakes up and takes control of every weapon and frame that has a Potato in it and that we have to go on a venture to find each frame and weapons, beat them with no Forma/Potatoe frames to get them back.

I've always suspected the Orokin times decorations, and the sentient cores decorations. We don't know how either really works, and each could be a Trojan Horse, just waiting for the chance to corrupt our orbiters and dojos. 


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Nullifiers in all factions on EVERY enemy, including Allies/Npcs that join you, adapted with every unit having either Scorpion Pull/ or bum rush you with Juggernaut rush/Corpus Trenchers/Ghoul Bumrushers + every faction having machinery type/ robotic type shooting Nully bubbles everywhere and doing ground pound which forces you in the air. All nullies have either the god-like retard bubble that withstands any heavy weapons + Arctic Eximus Ice bubble / or emits Nully Pulses every 3 sec with also grants damage immunity. 

Then every faction has that stupid annoying accurate Mutalist drone that spawns in infested excavations, shooying with beyond Npc 100% accuracy.

+ every faction now does Gas/Toxin damage With addtional chance of slash procs.


We are not far from this with how DE been adding "Balances" with the enemies 😏

Oddly enough, this makes Spoiler stuff best to have...

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DE puts an untrade-able awesome McGuffin in the game that everyone has to have.  I mean let's say it's really really awesome - like a single use item that overdrives s specific warframes powers forever.  

DE then locks that awesome McGuffin behind a new mission type whit gobs and gobs of high level infested and if you go down, the infested have a chance to heal you, just like your fellow players - but if the infested heal you - then the infestation actually takes hold of your frame, turning it against your fellow players...until your fellow tenno take you down and restore it. If your frame dies, or you fail the mission - you lose the frame forever.  So you take in your4- 5 forma Greedy Chroma Prime, fail the mission... you best start farming Chroma again.

AANNNND.... the nightmare part of that..... Your playing along - your doing great then... "Host Migration in Progress"....

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That bleep... bleep... bleep... bleep... getting closer and closer and louder and louder

ngl that is scarier than chains of harrow. but that might have been from me playing on a tiny laptop or something 😛

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23 hours ago, (PS4)Dishinshoryuken said:

Good times to one and all

I like this game called WARFRAME almost to the point if it being my my only game I play (Minion Masters crept up in there...for now). And j have done many a mission and Quest in here. Got some surprises when I first did Nightmare modes solo and dropped a Spectre in to get killed by it (no shields mode with a Loki with no Potatoe).

And I got to thinking....besides Chains of Harrow still giving me chills on a few replays, what would be most players Nightmares to happen in this game?

Mine would be that some Orokin wakes up and takes control of every weapon and frame that has a Potato in it and that we have to go on a venture to find each frame and weapons, beat them with no Forma/Potatoe frames to get them back.


We find out we are just manifestations of the Void...The real Tenno children died with their parents...Helminth was right.

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-Reset our star map, starts at Earth again.

-Planet level scaling starts at 250 increasing on each planet as you progress.

-No Energy or Health drops.

-All missions are Eximus Stronghold with a random damage buff.

-Bosses get replaced with YOUR best most OP loadout. They also move with stupid speed parkour and Operator void mode.

-All squad play has Radiation environmental hazard penalty.

-All cinematic cutscenes are unskipable with KOTOR length dialog.

-Cinematic cutscenes are added to the first load-in on every mission. Since your star map got reset why not add them now right. 

-Assassins randomly attack you on the Orbiter and Relays. Also at... um... how 'bout level 500, IDK.

-Stalkers Acolytes (lv.500) spawn randomly but have no loot table.

-All irrelevant radio transmissions increase 1000%. Everywhere, all the time.

-Nightwaves next episode is a mashup of Days of Our Lives, Jerry Springer and a sad Tyler Perry guilt trip. Oh ya it gets real Tenno.

Now wait for the red text.

Update Inbound. Read you patch notes, the end is here, Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn, the Dark Side has cookies aaaaaaaaahh.

I awake to reality and find no Nitain alerts or Nightwave.... oh my God its terrible!! 😭😭😭

lmao "Some people just want to see the world burn."


The Guy on the Couch

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Biggest in game fear:

Our Warframes regain their personality, and form high school cliques. Excal, Rhino, Hildryn; all the jocks kids in one. Ivara, Loki, Revenant, the emo kids tokin bones in the shadows. Mesa, Ember, Saryn making up the mean girls club. etc.

Play the storyline out as an alt dimension timeline, with the finale being Rhino sitting in a recliner with a pot belly, beer in hand in his Corpus container house, regaling the kids of his former Ninja all star days, Mesa in the back with a bulging belly and lots of little amalgams crawling all over the place wondering where it all went wrong.

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Also, every mission being filled with Leech Eximus (and the other energy draining variants).

Also also, ranking up Warframes is a complete nightmare too (which is why I very rarely even forma them).

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