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Ember Rework or how to make Ember Great Again


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Making Ember a glass cannon and then nerfing the "cannon" out of that definition didn't work wonders, so lets just ball that idea up and throw it on a live fireplace.

Give Embers shields a unique version of overshields, an armor of pure heat that combusts projectiles and semi stuns melee enemies. Here's how it'd work. When Ember casts Fireball or Fire Blast, the ignited enemy generates more heat, some of which she'll siphon away as overshields as the enemy burns. When the enemy dies, it leaves behind a shimmering cloud of heat that grants much more of her unique overshields. This will allow Ember to stay competitive at higher levels, granting her survivability but not invincibility, since players will have to keep casting her abilities and killing enemies to keep enemies from whittling down her shields. Essentially she'd be working like a desecrating Nekros, with none of the drawbacks of constantly losing health.

I'd be fine with keeping Accelerant, Fire Blast and Fire Ball as is. World on Fire is the only one I'd change. With new WoF, enemy armor explodes upon death, showering other nearby enemies with slash and puncture procs from the emitted shrapnel. I'd also switch it to being duration based instead of an energy drain based ability, just so its more a Trump card to bail a player out of trouble and less perpetual Godmode, since enemies will be dropping her unique heat based overshields as they burn. I would also revert its radius mechanic to how it initially worked.

Optional; another mechanic to WoF, where Ember can increase its lethality by sacrificing a portion or all of her shields in a supernova burst that deals radiation procs to enemies. This is intended to be a hail mary for higher levels, where enemies won't be as willing to burn to a crisp in a timely manner, and Accelerant isn't working. Then it'd be up to the player to decide if blowing some or all of their shields to finally put them down in exchange for increased vulnerability is a good idea. The "Supernova Burst" would essentially act like an upgrade of Accelerant, increasing the heat damage dealt by the fire from WoF in proportion to how much of the players Shields were sacrificed. The radiation damage dealt is to give Ember time to escape if even the "Supernova Burst" didn't kill them, since if the player sacrificed all her shields, the player will be a sitting duck. Should they enemies be downed the the Burst, the vacuum generated by Ember blowing away all of her heat will suck all the heat generated by their freshly burnt corpses back, replenishing her shields instantly.

Alright, thats enough for now. Might update later.

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