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Registered as inactive in rewards


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I just did a mission on Lith. I came into it near the end of round one or the beginning of round two, I'm not sure. There were two new players with Excalibur running around and since the chamber was pretty damaged I decided to stay near it and let them do what they wanted. After the first five waves were done the host left and it went through the change. We came back to the same stay or go option and we both stayed but I noticed it said 'Ineligible due to inactivity' on the first two slots of the rewards. About mid way through the other person left and I finished it, ten waves in total. The first slot had a reward, the second slot had the message still, but there was something in the third slot. I had only done ten waves so there should have been just the first two.

I am wondering if at least part of it was the fact I was taking my time and trying not to kill steal because I could one shot anything I hit with the mods I had equipped. Though I wasn't really moving around too far from the chamber either and did stay roughly in one spot a few times while firing the bow. Everything was at rank zero, except I had brought my kavat with me which is maxed. 

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