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The PoE has no visible Sun, yet it still reflects


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I wasn't sure if this goes here, but I just wanted to say- When in the Plains of Eidolon, around the time day becomes night, the sun predicatably sets. Problem is, as shown in the image, it is too cloudy to see. Which makes me wonder... why can we see it reflect on the water and rocks here? I only noticed it because the sunset makes it unnecessarily difficult to catch fish, so I looked up and realized this. If we are going to have clouds in the background of the Plains, how about they function as clouds? Just a thought, sorry if I am being nitpicky.

(Side tangent which is not relevant to this stuff above: this would put the sun setting in the East, as the Plains are North of Cetus (based on the in-mission map and Navigation) That means the poles of the Earth are sideways compared to the poles in Reality. If you compare the Origin System to the Solar System, we see it from a Bird's Eye View. So if the Plains are North of Cetus, and they face us on the Nav Screen, then the poles point to the top and bottom of the Nav Screen, meaning they are sideways if you use the normal perspective of the Solar System, and not Bird's Eye.)



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