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Lock rooms in dojo

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Well... Your best bet would to put an obstacle blocking the door... Then only people with decorator privileges can get past it. Tho, as said above, be careful about it. Most people are not fond of exclusivity deals, specially with important stuff like labs, ascension altars, etc. And definetly not when there are many alternatives out there who provide a free and safe clan. Just in case, ofc.

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We put a wall on the door when the room is still being decorated, it's more for ensuring the surprise is not spoiled, than actually keeping people out though. 



What is it you wanna block anyway? 

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I suppose this could be useful, when you want to give someone decoration privileges, but don't want him to touch a room in particular and don't trust said person enough.

Apart from that, I don't see much use so ultimately, there would be barely no relevance to this addition.

As others have said, blocking labs will not get you any friends either, considering that that's currently 90% of the Dojo functionality and that there are no "loyalty incentives"

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