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Elite Sanctuary Onslaughter map glitching bug (THIS WEEK)


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first of all it is important to point out that this bug could potentially only be present this week since the maps change every week.

Bug: In this weeks ESO (Elite Sanctuary Onslaughter) when you are in the 3rd conduit with the corpus enemies on one of the hostile mergers maps you SOMETIMES get teleported far under the map constantly falling down when the 4th conduit is spawning and everything freezes meaning the timers of the conduit and everything else stop counting. Using "/unstuck" did not help the situation. I only tried unstuck and left the mission afterwards so potentially you could avoid it maybe by spawning the operator who knows.

Important: I have only done my first 2 ESO runs of the day and this bug happened on my second run. I cannot say how high the chance is for that to happen again.

OUT OF THE TOPIC - Warframe suggestion

It would be nice if warframe could implement a feedback or bug report system that gathers/uses player account information automatically from the website ingame so people dont have to go to the website externally - BENEFIT: Potentially more feedbacks and report which would help improving the game more. Friendlier user interactive interface.

best regards

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added important missing part of the bug cause
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This happened to me too. It was the end of Zone 2, the conduit was materializing, and I was down. Suddenly I was falling until I died. When I revived, I was still falling, and then about 10 seconds later I landed back in the starting zone. There was no countdown to the conduit disappearing, and no way to get back in.B3CB144A336DE242632B91C263B254A19EC52621

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