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John Prodman disappearing


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So, me and a friend decided it would be cool to face john prodman. we went into the mission, everything went better than expected, at the 1 hour mark we still had 1100 seconds left, and we see john prodman kill an ivara specter, we both cheer that we're gonna face him, but for the next 9 minutes he never appeared in the kill feed and we never saw him. naturally we assumed we killed him without realizing, so we extract, but no drop. it was quite a frustrating experience and we still don't know what caused this. this occurred on the outdoors index map, and would love to know if we did something wrong or if this is a bug that i have never heard of. for all i know he fell off the map, its really hard to tell given that we never even had line of sight on him.?imw=1024&imh=576&ima=fit&impolicy=Lette

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