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Host Migration on Exting PoE Results in 100% loss of Rewards for Client


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If a Host Migration occurs while exiting PoE for the Client.

The Client receives 0 rewards from PoE and considered a mission failure ( For Open World ) 


Possible Solution:

Upon Exiting -> Handshake with Server -> Sends mission results to server FIRST ( Primary ) before even starting a connection to Cetus to handover. 
Then once mission results and items have been sent and confirmed. ONLY THEN BEGIN sending players to connect to Cetus. This will cause a more delay in loading, but only by a few seconds. What is more important all players get rewarded that they spend 30+ minutes on a mission for? Or a few seconds cutting loading time.

Why is this the best solution? All Clients will get rewarded even if host migration ( Due to non crashes )  occurs because the server can then simply send information to the client after migration. 


BUG Should be classified as High, considering it has been around for ages. 
While this does not solve all host migration issues - it does solve one variant of it. 


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