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I can not rise in rank in the syndicate, arbiters of hexis


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Can confirm, I am currently rank 4 with Steel Meridian (99k points) and I am unable to rank up. The message states as following: "You've proven yourself already. No further sacrifice is needed to earn to the title of GENERAL", while the button says: "Not enough credits". I have been rank 5 with Steel Meridian twice now, therefore, I shouldn't have to sacrifice anything anyways, but I cannot rank up.

Edit: You can rank up after getting the necessary amount of credits, for example for rank 5, you would need 500k credits. The weird part is that those credits will not be deducted from your account. You only need to have that amount available when ranking up the second time and onwards. Must be some conflict with the requirements for the button to be clickable and the ranking up event itself.

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