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Hi DE loving Warframe so far and update 10 was some very good work but the AI still makes me feel more like Doom guy rather than Space ninja. The AI derps so much that dying for me in a level, even in Tier 3 Void missions is very rare for me. I want to feel like I'm just as squishy as the enemy I am killing, I want some challenge through AI tactics rather than bullet sponges.


Now whoever works on the AI (I think it's either Scott or Steve) you don't have to completely be overhaul it just has to be more aware.



The quick fix to this problem is simple, make the AI STRAFE BETWEEN SHOTS (Like a side step lunge) this would make enemies harder to shoot. ALSO instead of having them jog into cover how about having them DIVE ROLL! I seen the AI do this before 4 months ago. It was breathtaking but unfortunately this doesn't happen often.


Now this can be applied to all factions except infested and rollers/ospreys.


Tell me what you all think :)


I'll type up the overhaul version soon. 

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