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FPS decay over time/Recent Nvidia drivers hits FPS hard?


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Hey fellow tennos. I have a RTX 2070 graphics card. Normally i get over 300 FPS with everything maxed out on 1080p. My monitors refresh rate is 144hz so i usally lock the fps to that. So normally i only see the number 144 in the fps counter. Yesterday i installed the newest nvidia drivers and i noticed that my fps now often is under 100 now. That is very disturbing. Any ideas what went wrong? Did i do something or is the latest nvidia driver screwing me? Driver version 430.86.

Anyone else with the same problem?


Uncapped my fps is over 300, but then it starts decaying down to like 80 fps. 
Meanwhile med CPU and GPU is around 40% usage and temps around 40-45 C. 

Memory leak?

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