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Host waypoints persisting on missions with multiple objectives

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Excavation is a big example. If I stay in an excavation for around 5 digs, there will be waypoints for previous excavators, and it gets crazy beyond that I had 4 separate waypoints active when around 13 digs and only one of them was a real one. 
The above showing a waypoint on the ground right next to me that is left over from a previous extractor.

It doesn't only happen on excavation either, I've had it happen on some exterminates as well. It randomly leaves a red enemy marker on the ground and then creates another on a real enemy. 

I have only really noticed this when hosting/solo, and all of this has been happening since you guys reworked the waypoint system. Also on that note, why do objective waypoints only refresh when ever you are on the ground for a second. Warframe is a fast paced movement game and most of the time you will be bullet jumping or void dashing etc. It is a little dumb that I have to slow down constantly to refresh the waypoint so I know where to go.

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