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Warframe Golem? (discussion in chat)


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few players had posted if there is a frame let you customized the frame you wanted but I know the DE will be limited the player type of frame they will get like the zaw, kitguns because whatever they have still in development, so what do you think if warframe introduce zaw/kitgun or golem frame that let you customized the frame you wanted to settle in for do you think it will be overpowered or is it going be a fun build to settle in to do things or either both.  We are only here discuss the general terms "Golem warframe" or mix parts of warframe that use different type abilities it does in combat.  I understand this is Frankenstein frame but it is not like the grineer actually did not make a gun to be a piece of rubbish for their gun is a good decent one in some ways so its better for us communities talk about golem frame how we would imagine it which it would be nice if we can make it homemade orokin golem frame or at least something fancy.

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