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Idea- Weapon Design Of The Week


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so, the idea consists of a weekly contest (with a special section of the forum designated to it) that you participate by presenting a weapon design (preferably a SAI or a PNG file) that will have the chance to be implemented on the next update (or hotfix if the DE feel generous) as a lab weapon


rules would be:

.no stats recommended

.must have a certain theme (corpus, grineer, infested, tenno)

.not offensive at all.....yes we are looking at you, electric infested weapon

.must have a certain format (showing certain positions of the weapon)

.obviously it must be atleast a design that isnt considered "made by a 4 year old"


there would be 3 different prizes

-1st place : weapon gets implemented, a special badge is awarded, X amount of platinum and the weapon itself without having to craft it


-2nd place: special 2nd place badge is awarded, affinity boost given for 2 days


-3rd place: special 3rd place badge awarded

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