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Favorite and Least Favorite Weapons


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What is everyones’ favorite and least favorite weapons/weapon types? This is completely opinion based. 

Some of my favorite weapons are automatic weapons with small spread (i.e. Karak) because it feels like an FPS game, and semi auto weapons with a medium firerate (i.e. Latron) because they are precise (usually) and very fun to use. My favorite melees so far would have to be Rapiers, because I just got the Vulpine Mask stance, and watching health melt is really fun. 

I absolutely detest auto-spool weapons with long spool times. I prefer a hit and run strategy and these weapons are the complete opposite. The only spool weapon I would use is Soma/Soma Prime due to the extremely fast spool speed and height ammo. 


What are are your thoughts on the matter?

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Launchers with Giant Radius, Giant numbers. Technically the BFG 9000 boys. So the Lenz, Opticor.
Thematic weapons with a Sci-fi touch that has GOOD niches. I'm refering to the Spearguns.
Longswords, Polearms, Staffs, Greatswords

Spool weapons, Boring weapons that basically is just a rifle with different numbers.
Whips. IMO they have the most boring stances

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On 2019-06-03 at 11:50 PM, CoolYoshi97 said:

What are are your thoughts on the matter

Almost the opposite. I find the very conventional weapons like the Karak and Latron really boring, and really enjoy the spool up mechanic on weapons like the Tenora.

I kind of hate rapiers too, they're great when you want to hit one target hard, but generally I want melee to swipe down the crowd.

Horses for courses though: it's great we can all find something we enjoy busing 🙂

My favourites tend to involve explosions: Opticor, Lenz, etc.

Melee wise I really like the Wise Razor stance but think we need a better weapon for it than the Tatsu (which is decent, but I want something Zaw or endgame).

Dislikes: broken weapons that were clearly never playtested (I got an amazing Riven for the Convectrix and it was still garbage) and troll stat weapons (Nukor, any pellet shotgun with just short of 30% status)

But, really, it changes every week. At the moment I'm really enjoying the Fulmin and a Prisma Angstrum + Riven combo that's instant suicide for anyone except Revenant or Wukong to use.

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I have bad aim, unless we're talking snipers. So shotguns, or rifles with big spreads and that sort of thing are my go to primaries. I still have a soft spot in my heart for the torid though. 

Secondaries... Catchmoon, pox, kunai in general. 

I like range, so polearms are my go to melee, and whips. Not spin-to-win, oddly, though I do have memeing strike. Great swords are fun... And oddly twin daggers?  All speed all the time. 

Rakta Dark Dagger for spy missions though

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I can't help but end up liking burst fire weapons. Even before we got the good versions of the Sybaris, even before the Tiberon got rebalanced, I loved them both.

Except the Kraken. Since there's literally no reason to hold the Zylok's second shot, I kinda just treat it like what the Kraken wishes it could be.

Also, weapons with alt fire modes that are actually good. The Corinth, for example, or the Zenith. It makes me feel all crazy-prepared when I've effectively got 2 (or sometimes more) different weapons in 1 slot, just in case I need to do either of the things that each fire mode is good for.

The only thing I really hate, is melee weapons with bad stances. Now, I define a bad stance as having an incomplete set of combos, having redundant combos, or suffering from one or more major flaws. So that means that I dislike using staves, whips, and scythes, respectively.

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Pretty sure this should be general discussions instead of feedback, but oh whale.

Like: I like a variety of weapons, but the categories that they're generally in are burst weapons, auto-burst weapons (they're burst but you can hold the trigger to keep firing), spooling guns, basucally all the shotguns, energy blasters (like catchmoon, fulmin, arca plasmor) handcannons, and most long range melee weapons, also anything that has a speedy reload time or a reload time that is forgiving for its mag size.

For example, even though something like the Supra/Supra Vandel has a long reload time, having a large as hell magazine of 300 bullets makes up for it, while something like the Tigris or Tigris prime I actually don't like, even though it's a shotgun just because its reload time is pretty abysmal for only 2 shots.

Dislike: Anything with a long reload time and a small/small-medium magazine, short ranged melees or poking melees (like rapiers, swords, sparring, claws etc), anything that is meme strike spin-to-win because it hurts my pinky to constantly crouch, automatic rifles, weapons that deal self damage and also doing more damage to yourself than to enemies (so lenz is ok), and semi-automatic rifles.

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