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New Conclave Game Mode


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Look at the name of the game, Warframe. The first 3 words are the best inspiration to what should we have in the game, WAR. 


We have decent mini war between corpus, grineer, infested called invasion. That's a good game mode, even people can just speed run it, it's fine, as long as it existed, it's fine for me, at least. 

We have many mission that will spawn a lot of enemies, which look kinda like war, but it's not, defend /rescue are just protecting someone or something, survival, excavations, capture, these are good game modes, because we are ninjas. Exterminate and assassination is kinda look like war, but it's just not one. 

We use to have dark sector clan war in all the planets, but now those maps are just some farming zones. 

Therefore, I'm thinking if our beloved De would make something that actually produce obvious ideas to all gamers, new or old, non-gamers. - Warframe, ninjas play free. Now, the impression of the game should be player are ninjas, many ninja/mercenary missions are available, pvp are there because ninjas do duel, we have many weapons because ninjas are weapon master. Warframe.... Not quite sure what is it, common knowledge war +frame, maybe its a war game, after playing, "oh, warframe is my ninja suit" 

Well, that's my impression, honestly, but what I'm trying to say is that after all these years, we are still improving, Rework , still releasing new content, quest storyline, which is very impressive.

Here's my little suggestion for conclave.  Ninjas are hired to assist in War. Might need to have new army models for the game mode. Enermy model should be the standard ones. 


War Zone - Normal (unlock at MR 10)

Choose to help warriors of 2 planet to fight their common enemy. 

Cetus vs grineer 

Fortuna vs corpus

100 Cetus/fortuna army specter + 4 players VS 100 grineer/corpus specter + 4 bosses, 10 specter spawn per minutes, one game would be around 10-12 minutes average.

Reward: conclave points, credits 


War Zone - Advanced (unlock at MR 20)

Fraction choice - tenno, corpus, grineer, corrupted, 6 syndicates, sentient. 11 choices, wow! Probably start off with the 4 basic first, 6 syndicate war can be monthly events, sentient maybe annual event. 

100 random specter + 4 players VS 100 random specter + 4 players, 10 specter spawn per minutes, one game would be around 10-12 minutes average.

Reward: conclave points, credits, endo. 


Lastly, I don't mind if the reward are decent or lesser than other modes, at least some fun modes are there, look at counter strike, it is very old, classic shooting game, but people still play it, because no matter what entertainment is entertainment,as long as its fun, able to give some satisfaction , people play it. 

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