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HELIOS not scanning 2019


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The #1 auto-correct search term for "warframe helios" is:  warframe helios not scanning

I've been trying to figure out why both my Helios & Helios Prime don't scan a damn thing anymore, not tones, not frame-fighter data, no items not already in the codex, NOTHING.  Apparently this is a widespread issue and not a single one of the top forums posts here or anywhere else on the internet has shown that ahh this has been fixed.  It can't possibly be the case that the primary reason anyone would ever us Helios (to automatically scan things) has been broken for years can it? I've tried everything.

  • Sol Battery Widget
  • 100+ codex scanner charges
  • un-equip and re-equip scanner charges
  • un-equip and re-equip only the 'investigator' in top left mod slot

nothing works, Helios is completely worthless it seems unless someone has a magical fix for this that I haven't been able to find in the top 50 results on google.  Help?

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Hmm, I had issues a few months ago when there was some new stuff to scan, but the new gas tile stuff has been scanning just fine for me and I'm down to just elusive eximus stuff. I changed nothing in my Helios P setup since that time.

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Just a sanity check: have you tried Simaris' Synthesis Scanners instead of the Codex Scanners? Tried placing the Synthesis Scanners before and/or after the Codex Scanners in the gear wheel? Have you maybe run out of Synthesis Scanners (before you bought the battery widget) but there's still a slot for them in the gear wheel (yes, the game should just use the Codex Scanners in that situations, but ...). Also, just to make sure, the widgets only work on the Synthesis Scanner, they do nothing for the Codex Scanner. With the battery widget you can just sell your Codex Scanners and have the 1 Synthesis Scanner for endless scanning fun!

As a data point, I have 50 Synthesis Scanners in my gear wheel's first slot and my Helios (Prime) uses them just fine.

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