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Syndicates are super anti immersive.


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I agree lore wise it doesnt make much sense that helping one hurts the other. How do they even know we helped another faction? Its not like they're at war with one another.

Heck each one even has a quest that we help with and they appreciate our help and thank us.

It would make more sense if each had their own independent reputation system. 

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@Jarriaga Had a great point. I agree that some syndicates should not order certain missions. Blunt example beeing Suda and extermination.

Mechanically syndicates are ok, i just would like to it all make sense lorewise. @Chaemyerelis Honestly, I like the fact that one can't be friends with everyone. Would love if they explained it better lorewise tho.

One thing i dislike is fact that mission standing rewards counts towards daily standing limit. Example: I am m9 atm, and I use daily limit on just one or two fissure mission with best sigil. Doing syndicate missions that have no medalions is just a waste. Even if one finds all of medallions in other missions its not uncommon to see every single one beeing tier 1 (i have not find tier 3 so far), which is 800 standing. Huge waste of time ;(. Of course checking every marker results in finding sculptures if one happens to spawn... but its still rare and not worth it timewise.

I would love to see those syndicate mission rewards beeing smaller and not counting towards daily limit (only sigil aquired standing should, in my opinion).

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On 2019-06-04 at 8:01 PM, Kerberos-3 said:

To an extent, but Perrin Sequence needs all the customers they can get,  and Steel Meridian needs supplies to operate. Looking at it from that perspective,  it is highly illogical for them to be enemies, as such a rivalry comes to the detriment of all involved.

I would guess there are much more places for meridian to get supplies other than Perrin, and same to perrin, they are just not a necessity for each other.

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