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Star-Map Ui. Could Be Much Better


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This is an easy way to sum up the paragraph I am trying to describe. Could we have a star map more like this? http://cdn.cnet.com.au/story_media/339295103/Dawn-ofWar2_3.jpg

-Image is from Dawn of War II.


first off all tho WH40k DOW2 has a great campaign and map system this is not really useful in this game..


considering there are 11+ missions on a planet and not all take place on the planet directly this a terrible idea IMHO (no disrespect towards the feedback you are giving) but honestly something like this will never be put in


i like it where it is now but some more changes can be made to spouse up a couple of things for missions and the planets

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It would cement more of a reality to the game.

You don't give any real reasons as to why this wouldn't work.

Sure there are more missions... the regions don't have to be so large, and the system could be altered.

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