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Alright so here is my issue.

Patch 10 was awesome overall, but the fact is that when the patch was deployed I mysteriously lost my blueprint for the stalker Kunais (cannot remember the name, could it be despair?), I did not think much about it since similar things has never happened before, even tho it really sucked some major &#!, considering how long time it took me to get that BP.

Now with the latest hotfix deployed i lost my banshee helmet... and i can tell you I have been looking for that for quite some time now.

Was really happy to see it drop, only to get a message that the account progress could not be saved when choosing not to battle on.

Is there any way i could get those BP's back or am i simply just gonna have to live in fear of every god damn patch that you guys roll out since each and every one seems to steal one item for me?

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I just lost my Fang Prime BP reward in the server crash. Already created a ticket. If you were one of the guys in my group, send a message. T3 def.


Yes...fang prime BP drops from T3 def now apparently, that was what we ran.


I was not in your group I'm afraid, but I was doing a tier 3 defense (xini) and could not claim the banshee helmet reward since the server crashed...

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