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Extra Zaw and holster toggle bug


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Recently acquired a zaw (Sepfahn, Kwath, and Vargeet Ruhang II). At first equip, nothing wrong while still in arsenal menu. But as soon as I leave arsenal menu, the zaw duplicates in a weird spot. Picture as follows from reentering arsenal menu.


Notice how secondary zaw is not in the same position. I've experimented on it and the following is what I've noticed.

- This bug will not go away by restarting game.

- When "Visible When Holstered" is toggled off. The blade and handle of the second zaw disappears along with the main zaw when holstered, but the sheath of the second zaw stays.

- If you unequip the zaw and/or equip another weapon, second zaw will stay equiped on the frame until you leave the Arsenal menu. Disappears after leaving the Arsenal menu.

- Bug remains no matter what other weapons or frames you equip.

- The bug will persist through missions, and relays.

I have not confirmed with other players whether or not they can see my bug.

I hope this is enough information to help fix the bug.

Thank you.

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