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Toggle to disable autoblock

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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10 hours ago, (NSW)KentInkOVanheim said:

What is stun locking you?

the blocking animation.   two easy examples

1) Exploiter orb machine gun when trying to throw the canister while still in Deck 12.  This doesn't kill me since I generally just face tank exploiter, but it is exceptionally annoying to be stuck there doing some jedi sword blocking spamming right stick press trying to throw the canister.

2) something (and this one actually perplexes me a bit as to what she is blocking since vomy's don't have machine guns) gets my trin into a blocking loop during tridolons. its not the stagger animation, it is clearly blocking - swinging the melee weapon around - although I don't know what I could possibly be blocking for so long (2-3 seconds). when it happens, I can't use any abilities or move and just watch as she blocks something and her health goes to zero. never happened before the last melee changes and doesn't happen if I just say eff it and don't bring any melee with me.

case 1 I just tolerated but don't really care that much about since I have no reason to fight the orb again

case 2 is annoying and I've tried a few different things (like no melee - works but then no shattering impact,maxed  pain threshold in case it was a stagger and it was just the wrong animation playing - but no difference, primed sure footed to see if it was a knockdown but wrong animation - but that made no difference). 

there are plenty of other cases where the blocking prevents me from using abilities until it decides it blocked enough  - so I just want a toggle in options to disable it and allow me to manually block when I want.   a less desirable (or perhaps even in conjunction with the toggle) solution would be to ensure that in all cases, any action performed supersedes the blocking - be it ability casting, movement whatever.  


I haven't played on my PC account for 8+ months so don't know if the issues are as bad there as on xbone - but even without it getting stuck in the blocking, I also want the ability to manually block when I want to block without resorting to ONLY equipping a melee weapon.

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