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Conclave Stances in PvE?


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Ok, this is just one of those "it would be cool" things, but I think it should be done, and it wouldn't even be that hard! Plus, how their earned doesn't have to be changed, just make it so that you can use them in both PvP and PvE, so they still don't loose their original function. Plus, they look cool, function as their own thing, and seem like beginner stance mods for some players.

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I'm all for enabling more PvP mods in PvE, too.

The problem is that they absolutely will have to make them available elsewhere, too. There's an unwritten rule that no content with impact on gameplay should be in the Conclave syndicate alone.

See e.g. the Daikyu's Spring-Loaded Broadhead, which was a PvP-only mod at first.


Anyway, we'll probably have to wait for the rest of Melee 3.0 before anything like that happens.

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Honestly though, having played through quite a bit of conclave a while back to get all these mods... none of the PvP stances are really all that useful. They're made not to be good so that one stance specifically doesn't have an advantage over another. They all usually either have 2 or 3 basic hits for their first combo and the most they ever do when you use a block or pause combo is to proc a knock-down.

Unless Melee 3.0's combo system update (coming with the Wukong Rework apparently) really revamps those conclave stances, I really don't think it would lend anything more to our experience.

Look at the difference between something like Dividing Blades and Carving Mantis for Dual Swords 

The default Combo on Dividing Blades is three basic attacks, just literally hit 1, hit 2, hit 3. 

The default Combo on Carving Mantis is four attacks, the first three attacks are all double hits, the first two attacks are at 120% damage (not 2x 120%, that would be silly, the multiplier is that because it's two hits the total damage is 120% of your modded damage) the third attack is at 240% damage, with the fourth hit in the combo is a forced Proc of Impact and Slash with 360% damage.

And the longer combo on Carving Mantis is the Block combo you can just kind of spam, which does some really interesting things; the first two attacks are double-hits at 120% damage, the third is a double hit at 240% damage, then the blocking attack deals one hit at regular damage and one hit at 200% damage with a guaranteed Slash proc, next attack is a single hit at 360% damage with a guaranteed Impact proc, followed by a single hit at 240% damage, another single hit at 240% damage with an Impact proc, and then finished by a single hit at 600% damage with a guaranteed Slash and Blast proc.

As a contrast the longest combo on Dividing Blades is the Block combo, with two basic hits, a knockdown sweep that steps you forward a little, and the final attack hits 3 times.

Even if Dividing Blades was released for PvE, why would anyone ever use it over one of the other Stances? It would have to be updated for PvE so that it had similar attack potential, number of attacks, bonus damage for the longer combos, and it really wouldn't be anything like the same stance you have for PvP anymore.

Animations aside, there's just... no reason to include the Stances for PvE.

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Provided that you can get them in PvE, then sure.

Also, the main reason why quick melee was leagues better than equip melee is because of its moveset. I don't give a crap about damage multipliers or forced procs. I just want to be able to move around freely while attacking.

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8 hours ago, yadalaboth said:

I did say this was more just a "it would be cool" thing.

Heh, yeah, but I think my answer was more... no, given how bad they are, I don't think it would be cool.

Nice thought, and all, but I think this would clutter things for no reason, and that the Combo update coming with Wukong after Tennocon will provide all the cool factor we need.

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