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Plains of Eidolon - bounty mission to reclaim area. Enemies not spawningn


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I've had this issue two times now with relatively infrequent PoE playing.

The team would kill the 4-6 enemies that hold the area, and then we get the "control %" display that we need to keep above 0%. Problem is we can see those capsules slam on the ground, but no enemies spawn. The control counter continues to drop, until we fail the bounty. There have been 4 squadmates looking for enemies to kill, but none are to be found. Will try to post log the next time this happens.

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3x within 12 hours this is also happened. Thats a record. I'm guessing this is sever related from maintenance - Unable to complete bounties. Half the other missions I'm trying to do are the same, for whatever reason the data isn't getting to my screen to show where things are, or enemies are not spawning for completion. I'll just have to wait a week and see if things are fixed per usual.

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