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Perla Dual Pistols skin glitch


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First of all I want to do a disclaimer that I'm not sure if it's happening with every dual pistols using the Perla skin (the ones from Mesa Presidio collection), only with the Aklex Prime or if that even happens with single pistol too, after saying this we can go next with the details.

This issue have been ocurring to me for a while, like 2 or 3 months (if I remember well), and the problem is that when I use the Perla skin on my Aklex, the barrel of the skin glitches, I mean it disappears while using it and when I put it away, the barrel is not in the right position is on the grip, reloading them while playing doesn't work and the barrel is still missing, hope not being the only one happening this and I hope they fix this because it ruins the appearance of the skin

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