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A comprehensive (And simple) suggestion for Syndicates


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With all the many changes to Warframe, I feel syndicates have been most damaged narratively from the many new quests. While originally their feuds and methods were fairly abstract, as the story progressed they came into conflict.
The best example is that Perrin Sequence and Steel Meridian (Racism aside) have almost no reason to hate each other, but do. With a second one being that Steel Meridian is all about defending the defenseless while they are allied to the group (Red Veil) who want to purge everything. 

So, in considering this, I believe I have come up with a better system while minimizing outright changes or additions. This will be in a couple of stages.

Stage 1:
1: Throw out the alliances and enemies.
2: Throw out the sigils (beyond decoration)
3: Have the only way to gain standing regularly to be through daily missions.

Why: As is, the ally/enemy function is not only nonsensical but directly contradictory. Beyond gamey reasons, it has no reason to exist. Yet, stripping it out would then mean you can grind through it easily, reducing the incentive to trade, keep up with it, and generally makes it too easy. That can be fixed by reducing the amount of standing obtainable. There may be better ways to do this (Only DE could say for sure), but the solution presented is the easiest, cheapest, and cleanest way to do it. It also has the knock-on benefit of encouraging the player to do more than one syndicate at a time, as the amount of standing gained from completing one factions missions is insufficient to max out possible standing at higher MRs. This, in turn, provides a secondary nudge for players who later advance up to those higher MR to then consider the syndicates at that time, when they can better understand and grasp the augment mods usefulness in a more natural learning curve. 

Stage 2:
1: With the aforementioned stage done syndicates become a blank canvas, one which can more naturally evolve.
2: Reoccuring events. During these events, have a natural conflict rise between two syndicates.
3: During this period, introduce negative standing. Similar to invasions, helping one in the event necessarily means hurting the other. 
4: Conversely, uncap the standing. For the faction the player supports, allow them to gain standing past the normal standing limit. 

Bam, you now have narrative reasons for enemies (And if you bring it larger, alliances if more than two syndicates are involved, you also create more divergent content AND more trading fuel as any events would require players to get one side or the other. This also reinforces a larger idea of the tenno as mercenaries and peacekeepers. Additionally, this provides more re-occurring content which would significantly reduce droughts of proper content. The content itself -should- be simple in nature, something that can be triggered and run with minimal (preferably no) additional voicework or coding required. Just make them once, throw them onto rotation. This also then provides secondary incentive and rewards, the ability to gain a lot fo standing all at once for a faction that might have a lot of content that was ignored or not considered but at the cost of tanking reputation with another faction. A note: It could also work to then put both new equipment rewards(if any) onto the syndicate reward pools. Thus, nothing is unobtainable, it just requires a grind back up to the max with the syndicate the player sided against, narratively becoming an "Asking forgiveness" stage to regain good graces. 

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