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Orokin Derelict Boss


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the impression is wtf

i am solo for this kinds of annoying void map because i don't like invite people and ask people to play.

after killing 3 heads, drop down to the bottom and need to kill 3 heads again

i just feeling annoying . but ok do it.


but what a poor visual design? you want volcano atmosphere? or what ?

i totally don't know what is the dark pale color. just make my eyes pain

actually the whole orkin derelict is dark. and i don't have any terrible feeling from the dark. just feel annoying because can't even see clear. but the boss scence. i even feel worser .  playing in a black and white game. the lack of contrast and single color atmosphere. seriously i feel extremely uncomfortable for my eye after playing less than an hour


and after killing 2 heads only left . the head with scythe . the whole enemy become invisible

, lucky thing is it only get 20% hp. i guess the position by the cursor . to see it become red so i can hit it. but not necessary it can get hit the whole map is full of posion gas and the boss is invisible.

not sure if it is due to Miasma visiual effect because i use the power when i killed the 2nd head to clear mobs


extremely good game experience by playing a cheating enemy with full of trap inside




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