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Dual Ichor



Has anyone played around with the new Infested Melee axes? I was curious about how good/bad they are currently since some people are providing negative feedback on the Embolist (pistol). I know that in live feed 14 they said the Embolist will be receiving a buff due to high cost and weak results, so I was wondering if the same could be said about the Dual Ichor?

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If you want the Ichors. Find someone who's got Void Keys and rock in the Void for Mutagen drops.

Its easier to get them in Derelicts. But very few people get those Derelicts that easily. So try and find someone who's willing to accept you in and aid you to get the Mats for your things.

And the Balances regarding the Weapons are to be further inspected and given time to play with. Don't expect everything to happen too fast. Support, Money, Time, Motivation = Everyone Get Happy. Because Games grows that way.

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