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Out Of Body Experience With Multicore Rendering


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While fighting Sargas Ruk in a solo mission with multicore rendering turned on and all settings turned up to maximum, I suddenly found the camera set to what i would guess is the center of the room looking at my warframe, which was now both invulnerable and partially not under my control (I could still crouch and aim down sight, but not move, fire my gun, or swing my melee weapon). Pausing and aborting the mission still worked. Screenshot here: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/597015198041041279/FCF68901A7312C6E9DE981E62CFD303AD40CC38B/ . I am using a Retina Macbook Pro with a intel core i7 2.6 ghz processor and a nvidia 560m graphics card.

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